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Welcome in the world of fashion IVENTI! Here you can see all the collections and choose trandy shirts and coats, elegant and sports trousers, suits on your taste from our ONLINE shop!

Our history

IVENTI LTD was established in 1998.The brand quickly took the leading place in sales of men's suits, coats, shirts, trousers, jackets, hats, scarves, belts, cufflinks, ties and T-shirts. The brand is oriented professionally and responsibly to the requirements of Bulgarian market and the fashion trends of demanding customers. Due to the very high technological quality of the products and seasonally appropriate models IVENTI became the preferred and wanted brand for suits, coats and shirts. Two years later IVENTI started to organize their own fashion shows, making the company stand out as a Fashion house. Up to now the Fashion house has over 16 solo reviews featuring celebrities from Bulgarian artistic and journalistic circles. A lot of well-known persons were taking part in reviews – individuals with proven skills, careers and position in the society. A team of pattern specialists and designers are developing new and up-to-date brand collections that meet the new requirements of the world market for trandy men's clothing - suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, ties.

The collections include the designer's fashion ideas for model, line, style, fashion, fabrics and colors of all the men's items they produce (suit, shirt, jacket, trousers, tie, scarf, belt, T-shirt). A major part of men's clothing is the shirt and therefore IVENTI invest their full potential in creating branded men's shirts with the best quality available on the market. Every season the brand develops a collection of over 60 models of shirts and over 200 colors, covering all styles in the men's shirt: luxury, formal, business, casual, sports, in three fashion lines: slim fit, regular fit and classic.

  • Men's suits. Throughout the year, IVENTI presents to you men's suits in classic line. The main colors are three: black, graphite and dark blue. During the warm months of the year the brand offers light colour men's suits. The Fashion House team develops and offers a strong prom line for young men. The cut of the suit is an appropriate one, the coat is short with one or two buttons, the lapel is narrow. The trousers are fitted with straight pockets and a silicone strap to prevent the shirt from being pulled out in dynamic movements. The items you can find in our online shop.
  • Coats - The articles are tailored to the season and the fabrics meet the climatic conditions. Linen and cotton coats in spring, woolen and cotton coats in autumn. The coat collection also comes in three lines: slim fit, regular fit and classic. For more choices and online shopping, visit the online shop.
  • Ties. Every season IVENTI develops from three to six modern and up-to-date tie collections. Tie fabrics are made of polyester, microfiber and silk. Designers create them in all colors customers would need for large variety of combinations with shirts, jackets and trousers. Please visit the online shop for more information.
  • Trousers. Another basic item in the collections of the Fashion house are the trousers. Classic trousers – made of wool, wool and polyester, viscose and poly amide. Sports trousers – made of cotton, linen, cotton and elastane. Visit and browse the numerous products in our online store. Shop online quickly and safely!

In order to be a leading company in the market, it is necessary to know the leading trends in men's fashion, that is why the IVENTI team is always professional in choosing fabrics and patterns. Fabrics have a very wide variety of compositions: 100% cotton, cotton / polyester, cotton / lycra, linen, wool, velvet and more. Our fabric suppliers are proven companies from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria. A team of pattern specialists and designers developing new and up-to-date items to meet the new requirements of the world market.

"The Real Man's Shirt" is the strongest motto for our company and we try to present our collection in order to satisfy our most demanding customers.

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